Westgate Surgery

Zero Tolerance Policy

Unfortunately, we have recently seen a rise in abuse directed towards our staff. This is never acceptable and will not be tolerated by the practice. We are very much open and available to help, and have been right through lockdown.
Whilst there has been a return to some sort of normality recently, there are still significant numbers of new COVID cases being diagnosed every day. To protect everyone, the NHS in general, and primary care in particular, continue to be working differently to before. You can help by:
1. Washing your hands regularly
2. Wearing a mask when required
3. Continuing to follow social distancing guidelines and government rules on meeting other household
4. Isolating and getting a test if you get symptoms – new cough or fever, or a change in your sense of taste or smell
As autumn and winter approaches, the usual seasonal illnesses can be expected to occur, and many of these will be hard to distinguish from COVID-19. Getting a test is now very easy to do and results are usually back quickly.
Social distancing rules and the need to protect our many vulnerable patients (as well as our staff – we need to stay well to help you!) means we continue to follow national NHS guidance for GP Practices. This means:
1. You will need to wear a face covering when coming into the surgery
2. All GP/practitioner consultations continue to initially be remote – by phone or video. This allows us to reduce numbers in the waiting room. You may be surprised what can be managed without you needing to come to the surgery!
3. If you then need to be seen face to face, you will be – we have never stopped seeing patients who need to be seen at any point
4. Practice nursing appointments continued throughout lockdown, but we did temporarily some services in line with national guidance. The majority of these have no restarted.
5. We are sending as much paperwork as possible electronically or in the post. This is also more convenient for you.