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Covid-19 Updates


Phase 2 of Covid Vaccinations

Below is a document explaining phase 2 of the vaccination programme:

COVID-19 vaccination – A guide to phase 2 of the programme (publishing.service.gov.uk)

We have already invited all patients over the age of 40 to receive their first dose. If you have not received an invite, please make sure that we have your mobile number so that it can be sent to you.


Second Doses

Thank you to everyone for bearing with us and letting us have your mobile numbers to book second doses.

We have booked all those that had a first Pfizer’s vaccine up to the 22nd February and a first AZ (Oxford) to the end of February.

As soon as we get further supplies of Pfizer’s we will be inviting those vaccinated up to the first week of February.

Over the past month, staff at the SAGA site have been busy administering second doses to the many patients who had their first in January. In the last two weeks, the site has given 20,000 vaccines.

Patients Over 40 Years Old

These patients are now beginning to receive letters from NHS England or a national text about booking an appointment. If you receive a text, please book at the nearest site available.

We will be inviting patients to book online via text message as soon as we have the capacity.

Please do not phone us but instead email us at tccg.westgatepatient@nhs.net to ensure we have your mobile number.

Capturing the Covid-19 vaccination rollout | NHS – YouTube


Use of New Vaccines in the UK

We have received a large number of calls from patients enquiring about the Moderna vaccine. The practice can only give the same information that is published on the NHS website regarding these vaccines.

If you have questions, please take a look at the national guidance updated regularly on the NHS website: https://www.nhs.uk/…/coronavirus-vacci…/coronavirus-vaccine/

As of yet, we have no delivery dates for vaccines other than AstraZeneca. We would encourage everyone who gets an invite to book their vaccine and take whichever one is available to protect themselves and their families as soon as possible.

Booking Covid Vaccines For Those Aged Under 50 Years

We have now started to book appointments for patients aged 45-50.

You will be sent a text message to book as soon as we have appointment slots.

All appointments are being booked by text message.

To enable us to help you book your vaccine appointment, please make sure that everyone in your household under 50 has a current mobile number on their records. You can check which number we have for you by looking at your electronic records online and then updating us via email at tccg.westgatepatient@nhs.net


First Week of Vaccines at the SAGA Site

There have been 5000 people vaccinated at the SAGA site so far. Whilst there were some problems with queues on the first day, the problems are being ironed out and a limit put on the bookings to ensure that the numbers do not overwhelm the site. The feedback has been great. Patients have said that the centre is organised and that getting their vaccine was fast and simple, which delights us.

Closure Concerns

The Community Trust has published a press release saying that they are stopping vaccinating at SAGA during April. Please do not worry as this does bot affect the primary care GP site which is continuing to offer vaccines.

Over 50 Years of Ages

We have now written letters to everyone over the age of 50 that have not yet booked a vaccine. If you are in this age group, please book now. We have a vaccine waiting for you.

Second Doses

We are sending messages to those due a second dose of the vaccine. These will be given 10-11 weeks after patients received their first dose and are being offered strictly in date order. We are currently sending invites to those who had a Pfizers vaccine before before 18th January and those who had the Oxford/AZ vaccine before 31st January. When you get a text, please follow the link and book you booster vaccine. Please do not phone us to check when yours will be as you will be invited when we have conformation of delivery. Pfizer’s vaccine supplies are limited, so please make every effort to book when invited.

Making Vaccine Booking Easier

Please make sure that we have your current mobile phone number or the number of someone that can book on your behalf by emailing tccg.westgatepatient@nhs.net


Thank you to all the residents of Westgate who have helped us with the Covid vaccine clinics since starting in December.

This weekend, we held our last large clinic before we move to the SAGA Hub next week. We will be using the hub to provide previously vaccinated patients with their second dose and to provide first doses to the new, younger cohorts when vaccines become available.

Of the 8839 adults registered at Westgate Surgery, we have given 4970 of you a first dose of one of the Covid vaccines and an additional 487 of you two doses of the vaccine. We have also vaccinated fellow healthcare workers such as pharmacy and care home staff.

We are very proud of the surgery team and also very pleased to be part of the marvellous community in Westgate town. The community has helped us in many ways, including providing us with a constant stream of biscuits and cakes to sustain us on long vaccination days. We would also like to thank the man who gave gloves to the staff on the front door from his car when he saw their hands were cold and the taxi drivers who offered to ferry patients free of charge to their appointments.

We look forward to working with you all again when we move to SAGA for the next round of Covid vaccinations.


From the week commencing 15th March, all Covid vaccines will be delivered at the Thanet (SAGA) Hub on Haine Road. We will no longer be administering them at the surgery.

The surgery team will be working alongside other practices at this central hub to vaccinate the remaining groups. They will also be administering second doses to all patients previously vaccinated at either our surgery or our designated site at Minster Surgery.

The Thanet Hub had lots of parking and will be easy for patients to book and attend. It will also be more efficient for us to deliver the vaccines.

Stagecoach will be offering a free hopper bus service from the Westwood Cross bus stop behind Debenhams every 15 minutes to the vaccination hub.

We will be using an electronic booking system, so if you receive at text from your GP Practice with the Hub address, please respond to book your vaccination.

We ask you to follow the instructions in the text to book or cancel appointments and not to contact the surgery to confirm details.

For those patients without a mobile phone, the surgery will contact you to book second doses.

It would help us greatly if as many people as possible use the electronic booking system to speed the booking process as Westgate Surgery now has more than 4000 second doses to book in the coming weeks.


New Shielded List – these patients have been contacted an offered covid vaccines

We are currently inviting patients in group 6, which are those aged 18-64 with a chronic condition, to book for vaccination this weekend at Minster Surgery.

Group 5 patients or those aged 65 – 69 years of age have been sent letters from NHS England and are being invited to book at the SAGA centre at Westwood cross.

Vaccination at the SAGA Site

The community Trust is operating a main vaccination centre at the SAGA site to vaccinate anyone sent a letter from NHS England advising them to book. This can be booked by patients from across East Kent.

Our PCN and the Margate PCN will also be using the SAGA site from March rather than Minster Surgery or St Peters.

We will shortly be contacting those needing a second dose of the covid vaccine as well as offering some first doses.

Stage coach will be running a free bus every 15 minutes from the Westwood bus stop by Debenhams to the SAGA site.

We hope that this site will offer patients vaccinations as close to home as possible. GP practices will then continue to provide GP services and also staff for the SAGA hub site.

Why are we not offering vaccines to those others in groups 7, 8 and 9?

We recognise that some areas have been able to receive more vaccines and are vaccinating these groups. We are campaigning for more vaccines and will continue to do so. We want to vaccinate as many of you as possible and are waiting for further deliveries. Please don’t phone and check with us as you will be contacted when you are due your vaccine.


Since 18th December we have given 2713 first doses of the Covid vaccine and a further 334 patients have also received their second dose.

In addition, we have vaccinated front line health care workers and those working in pharmacies, undertakers and care homes locally.

We have given Pfizer’s vaccines at Minster Surgery with other practices in our locally working jointly to vaccinate all in groups 1, 2, 3 and 4 before the February deadline.

We have received more Pfizer’s deliveries in our locality than the Astra Zeneca vaccine which has meant that we have not been able to do more vaccinations at our own surgery as we do not have the facilities to store it at the required temperature.

We are expecting to receive a further Pfizer’s delivery on 25th February and will be using these vaccines for those in Group 6, carers and those with chronic diseases, vaccinating on Friday and Saturday of that week. We will begin booking patients once we know what our allocation is, however this delivery will only cover a small number of patients in this group. If you are aged between 60 and 69 (Group 5 & 6) and get a letter inviting you to book a vaccine at a central hub please book with them so that you can receive the vaccine as soon as possible rather than waiting for a local delivery. Local hubs are currently in Deal or Folkestone but a Thanet hub will come on line in the coming weeks.

Our plans change frequently and we will do our best to update you regularly.


We have vaccinated 2285 of our registered patients who are either healthcare workers or reside in the first 4 priority groups.
We are planning to vaccinate another 600 during our clinic on Saturday 6th February. There are an additional 60 patients who have requested a home visit for their vaccination and we are aiming to get as many of these administered on Saturday as well.

We have approximately 740 patients still within the aforementioned 4 groups to vaccinate and are trying to contact them to offer appointments.

We will have offered a vaccination to everyone within the first four groups by 14th February as per the government target.

We are waiting for details from the government regarding when we are vaccinating the next groups.


Q: Which priority group are you currently inviting?

A: Groups 1-4 and all those shielding and aged 70 and over.


Q: How do you prioritise who is invited first from people in each priority group?

A: Since we have little notice of when we will receive the vaccines, we often invite those with a mobile phone who we can contact quickest. We then phone and write to the remaining patients in that group. If you haven’t already, please provide us with a mobile number as it would help greatly.


Q: How are you contacting people to invite them for a vaccine?

A: We are texting, calling and writing to our patients asking them to contact us to book a vaccination.


Q: If I cannot attend an appointment what should I do?

A: Please let us know as soon as possible and we’ll try to rebook your appointment when we have another delivery of the vaccine.


Q: How are you supporting patients with dementia to get vaccinated?

A: We are discussing with family and carers what the best option is for their loved ones.


Q: Is there transport available for getting to the vaccine clinic?

A: The community volunteer transport service is able to help. Please phone 01843 602030 if you require this service.


Priority Groups

  • Residents in a care home for older adults and their carers
  • All those 80 years of age and over and frontline health and social care workers
  • All those 75 years of age and over
  • All those 70 years of age and over and clinically extremely vulnerable individuals
  • All those 65 years of age and over. All individuals aged 16 years to 64 years with underlying health conditions which put them at higher risk of serious disease and mortality
  • All those 60 years of age and over
  • All those 55 years of age and over
  • All those 50 years of age and over

Additional Information

For more information about the Covid-19 vaccination programme in Kent and Medway please visit www.kentandmedwayccg.nhs.uk/covid19vaccine 

For national information about the vaccine visit www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-vaccination/coronavirus-vaccine/